[AstroPy] AstroPy Digest, Vol 81, Issue 32

Adam keflavich@gmail....
Wed Jun 26 10:47:08 CDT 2013

> Any GUI that involves processes like selecting absorption lines or setting
> initial guesses for fits should be able to record the process as a script
> (either in a simple DSL or even as executable code) that can reproduce the exact
> steps taken without invoking the GUI at all.

Great point.  It's actually fairly easy to do in matplotlib: you can
just make your "event manager" routine record a history of events,

and as long as you have one overarching event manager for the GUI
(which is probably an important design decision...), it should be able
to track
exactly what has been done and repeat it.

That said, events can be tied to individual axes, so if a window is
closed, it would be essential to re-create that window in the same
state it was originally initialized.

Anyway, 2 cents on GUI design...

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