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Sun Jun 30 10:46:48 CDT 2013

Sorry for the vague subject but i have a couple of questions -

Clarification 1 -
for a mollweide projection, having done

subplot(111, projection="mollweide")
scatter (ra,dec)

what should the RA range be i.e from 0:360 or -180:180 ?!
There was a discussion in the mailing list on mollweide projection plotting
earlier where -180:180 was used as the range. Just wanted to get it
Also, are mollweide projections the standard in astronomy?!

Clarification 2 -
I was unable to open spectra FITS files (from the SDSS DR9) on DS9.
Am i missing any feature or does DS9 not have the capability to open
spectra FITS files?!
If so, is there any other program i can use to open and *blink* through the
(other than fv by NASA's HEASARC)

Question 3 -
I want to plot the spectra on the same window, to compare - in case there
isn't a GUI to do the same. I created a list of all of the spectra in my
directory and it's a file with ',\n' as the line separators. I then changed
the attributes of
*class** *astropy.io.ascii.basic.Basic<http://docs.astropy.org/en/v0.2.1/_modules/astropy/io/ascii/basic.html#Basic>

rdr = ascii.get_reader(Reader=ascii.Basic)#rdr.header.splitter.delimiter
= ' 'rdr.data.splitter.delimiter = ' ,\n '#rdr.header.start_line =
0rdr.data.start_line = 0rdr.data.end_line = None#rdr.header.comment =
r'\s*#'rdr.data.comment = r'\s*#'

Now, i'm just using
list = astropy.io.ascii.read('fits_list.dat') to read the file and use
list[i][0] to access the file name, which i feed to my python code to
extract and plot the spectra.

Is there a different/more straight forward way to do this?!

Thanks in advance for the replies :)...
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