[AstroPy] How can I create a VOtable from a python list?

Jean-Baptiste Marquette marquett@iap...
Wed Mar 6 10:05:31 CST 2013

Hi Tom,

> Astropy actually already supports the same kind of file access to VO
> tables that ATpy does - if you have an Astropy Table object, you can
> do:
> t = Table(...)
> t.write('my_table.xml', format='votable')
> to read a VO table:
> t = Table.read('my_table.xml')
> (format should be auto-detected)
> We've been working on merging the ATpy functionality bit by bit (in
> fact astropy.table started from the base Table class in ATpy). Astropy
> can now be used as a full replacement to ATpy for VO tables, HDF5
> tables, and ASCII tables. We will add support for FITS files, which
> leaves only the SQL as being ATpy-specific (whether this gets merged
> in future into Astropy remains to be decided).

Excellent news! I just implemented in my scripts some other functionalities from Astropy dealing with WCS and FITS, I must say this is really awesome…

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