[AstroPy] montage-wrapper v0.9.5 release

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille@gmail....
Mon Mar 18 11:59:54 CDT 2013

I am pleased to announce the release of montage-wrapper v0.9.5
(formerly python-montage). Montage-wrapper is a package that provides
a way to run the Montage Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine from Python,
including both functions to access individual Montage commands, and
high-level functions to facilitate mosaicking and reprojecting.

Montage-wrapper is now an Astropy-affiliated package, which means that
it follows the Astropy guidelines for packages, and requires Astropy
as a dependency. In addition, this release includes a number of bug
fixes and stability/performance improvements. The homepage is now
located at:


and the documentation can be found here:


Please note that due to the change in the name of the package, the
module should now be imported with:

 import montage_wrapper

In order to get old scripts to work, or generally for convenience, you
can import the module with:

 import montage_wrapper as montage

(the change in package name from 'montage' to 'montage_wrapper' is to
avoid conflict with another package named 'montage')

Please report any issues either via GitHub at:


or directly to me by email.

Cheers, Tom

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