[IPython-dev] Re: Refactoring of bdist_wininst (PATCH)

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 17 00:50:12 CDT 2003

Hi Cory,

> Done.  install command will now work with distutils 1.02; bdist_wininst
> --install-script=ipython_post_install.py will also work with distutils
> 1.03.

I finally got around to implementing your patches for Windows installation 
(sorry for the huge delay).  I work under RedHat 8.0, and I can get the 
wininst target to build me a nice .exe installer, but unfortunately it doesn't 
seem to execute the post-install script at all.  If I run the setup.py from 
inside the zip target, it's ok: the post-installer gets loaded via regular 
python code, just as it did before.

But under distutils 1.0.3 (the one which comes with python 2.2.1), I can't 
seem to use the --install-script option.  I even looked at the distutils 
sources for the bdist_wininst command, and such an option is just not recognized.

I really liked the Windows real executable installer, so I'd love to close 
this last gap, but I have no idea at this point how to specify an additional 
script to be run at the end of the install.  Any pointers?

Thanks for any help,


ps.  I've cc'd the ipython mailing list, and if you remain interested in 
ipython I'd suggest you join it.  I prefer to keep the discussions on list, 
since they get archived and others can also contribute ideas.  The new ipython 
homepage and mailing list urls are:


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