[IPython-dev] RE: Refactoring of bdist_wininst (PATCH)

Cory Dodt cdodt at fcoe.k12.ca.us
Thu Apr 17 09:32:56 CDT 2003

Distutils 1.0.3 is not included with Python 2.2 :-).  You either have to
get it from Distutils CVS or from Python 2.3.  Either one of those
should give you the --install-script option.

Let me know how it goes!


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> But under distutils 1.0.3 (the one which comes with python 2.2.1), I
> seem to use the --install-script option.  I even looked at the
> sources for the bdist_wininst command, and such an option is just not 
> recognized.

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