[IPython-dev] [Fwd: [ANN] A new IPython is out. Version: 0.2.15pre4]

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu Apr 17 13:43:47 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I've just put out a new pre-release, because recently a fair amount of changes 
have been made, and a few of those are rather critical bugs.

In particular, for first time users ipython could damage binary files in their 
home directory, and for Gnuplot users, using hardcopy() would send 21 copies 
of each plot to their printer!

Many other smaller changes are listed below in the NEWS file appended at the end.

I think very soon I want to put out the current code with version number 0.4, 
indicating a reasonably stable codebase which I think has matured quite a bit. 
  Any objections?

There are a few minor tasks remaining before that, which I'll discussed in a 
separate email cc-ed to a few specific targets :)

I am now including again source and binary rpms by default (besides tar.gz and 
  zip sources).

Andrea Riciputi is doing the same for Fink users at 
http://fink.sourceforge.net/pdb/package.php/ipython.  (Andrea, could you 
please update the url to http://ipython.scipy.org? Thanks).

Jack Moffit is offering Debian packages at 
http://packages.debian.org/unstable/python/ipython.html and




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Subject: [ANN] A new IPython is out. Version: 0.2.15pre4
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:33:47 -0600
From: Fernando Perez <fperez at maqroll.colorado.edu>
To: fperez at colorado.edu

Changes between the last two releases (major or minor)
Note that this is an auto-generated diff of the ChangeLogs

2003-04-17  *** Released version 0.2.15pre4

2003-04-17  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* setup.py (scriptfiles): Split windows-specific stuff over to a
	separate file, in an attempt to have a Windows GUI installer.
	That didn't work, but part of the groundwork is done.

	* IPython/UserConfig/ipythonrc: Added M-i, M-o and M-I for
	indent/unindent with 4 spaces.  Particularly useful in combination
	with the new auto-indent option.

2003-04-16  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/Magic.py: various replacements of self.rc for
	self.shell.rc.  A lot more remains to be done to fully disentangle
	this class from the main Shell class.

	* IPython/GnuplotRuntime.py: added checks for mouse support so
	that we don't try to enable it if the current gnuplot doesn't
	really support it.  Also added checks so that we don't try to
	enable persist under Windows (where Gnuplot doesn't recognize the

	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.interact): Added optional
	auto-indenting code, after a patch by King C. Shu
	<kingshu at myrealbox.com>. It's off by default because it doesn't
	get along well with pasting indented code.  If I ever figure out
	how to make that part go well, it will become on by default.

	* IPython/Prompts.py (Prompt1.auto_rewrite): Fixed bug which would
	crash ipython if there was an unmatched '%' in the user's prompt
	string.  Reported by Thorsten Kampe <thorsten at thorstenkampe.de>.
	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.interact): removed the
	ability to ask the user whether he wants to crash or not at the
	'last line' exception handler.  Calling functions at that point
	changes the stack, and the error reports would have incorrect

	* IPython/Magic.py (Magic.magic_page): Added new @page magic, to
	pass through a peger a pretty-printed form of any object.  After a
	contribution by Olivier Aubert <oaubert at bat710.univ-lyon1.fr>

2003-04-14  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.user_setup): Fixed bug where
	all files in ~ would be modified at first install (instead of
	~/.ipython).  This could be potentially disastrous, as the
	modification (make line-endings native) could damage binary files.
2003-04-10  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.handle_help): Modified to
	handle only lines which are invalid python.  This now means that
	lines like 'x=1 #?' execute properly.  Thanks to Jeffery Collins
	for the bug report.

2003-04-01  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.showtraceback): Fixed bug
	where failing to set sys.last_traceback would crash pdb.pm().
	Thanks to Jeffery D. Collins <Jeff.Collins at vexcel.com> for the bug

2003-03-25  Fernando Perez  <fperez at pizero.colorado.edu>

	* IPython/Magic.py (Magic.magic_prun): rstrip() output of profiler
	before printing it (it had a lot of spurious blank lines at the

	* IPython/Gnuplot2.py (Gnuplot.hardcopy): fixed bug where lpr
	output would be sent 21 times!  Obviously people don't use this
	too often, or I would have heard about it.

2003-03-24  Fernando Perez  <fperez at pizero.colorado.edu>

	* setup.py (scriptfiles): renamed the data_files parameter from
	'base' to 'data' to fix rpm build issues.  Thanks to Ralf Ahlbrink
	for the patch.

2003-03-20  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/genutils.py (error): added error() and fatal()

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