[IPython-dev] possible feature request: auto-run

Kasper Souren Kasper.Souren at ircam.fr
Tue Apr 29 13:17:05 CDT 2003


I just had a little idea for a new IPython feature. I don't know if it's 
feasible, but it seems quite useful: auto-run .py files.

Suppose you are editing a .py file (say test.py) and you're also working in 
ipython to check out the changes you made. Currently you need to do a "run 
test" every time you changed something. Now instead of doing the run 
yourself, IPython could look out for changes in certain files (like test.py) 
and rerun those files for you.

Of course there is at least one big problem with this: what to do if the file 
causes some errors.

So now I'm interested in your reactions. :)


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