[IPython-dev] possible feature request: auto-run

Kasper Souren Kasper.Souren at ircam.fr
Tue Apr 29 17:48:10 CDT 2003

> It's rather complicated to get it right, and considering that python gives
> you macros, it seems pointless:

I never really used Matlab for longer than 15 minutes, but it seemed to me 
that Matlab does this. The reason it can do it, is probably because its 
language is so simple. It's also not a feature I really need, it's more that 
it would be a nice thing to have it just because Matlab can do it. (It would 
be one little step closer to Python world domination ;)

XQs me if I'm wrong, but for me it seemed that Matlab normally has one 
function in one file, and if you call a function it justs picks the file with 
that name. So that's the reason it works there...

I think this auto-run idea is a bit more apropriate for .py's that don't 
really do something when they are ran. So for files that contain a bunch of 
functions and classes.

> Sorry to discourage you, but an architectural overhaul of ipython is just a
> much more important use of my very limited resources right now.

Maybe you can keep the idea somewhere in the back of your mind when working on 
the reconstruction.


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