[IPython-dev] Updates to CVS: tab completion and Windows coloring

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Wed Dec 3 10:00:47 CST 2003

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 14:49:41 -0700 "Fernando Perez" 
<fperez at colorado.edu> wrote:

> Gary:  I'd also like you to help me with a couple of things concerning 
> this code.

> 1.  You made changes to page(), to make it work with 'less' under 
> windows+cygwin.  I want to be sure that users who DON'T have cygwin are 
> still ok.  Is that the case?

I will test this. I believe it will fall back to the default as it 
should. It *may* even work with the windows more like it should.

> 2.  The code below is around line 913 of genutils.py.  Do you know 
> which exceptions can this trigger under Windows, so we only trap those? 
> I don't like blanket except clauses (ipython has many, but I'm trying 
> to clean them up as much as possible).  I also added the inner 
> try/finally to ensure proper cleanup.

>              try:
>                  try:
>                      tmpname = tempfile.mktemp('.txt')
>                      tmpfile = file(tmpname,'wt')
>                      tmpfile.write(strng)
>                      tmpfile.close()
>                      cmd = pager_cmd + ' < ' + tmpname
>                      os.system(cmd)
>                      retval = None
>                  finally:
>                      os.remove(tmpname)
>              except:  # FIXME: trap only the reasonable exceptions
>                  retval = 1

> You can send me any new patches against current CVS.

I'll check.

> Ok folks, I'll be working some more on ipython over the next few weeks, 
> to finish cleaning up some other things.  But these two big changes are 
> important enough that I'd really like to hear some feedback, especially 
> if there are problems.

I'm super busy right now with the end of the semester and a grant 
proposal but I'll get to this (hopefully) soon.

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