[IPython-dev] Re: ipython cvs on NT4 with readline and color

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Wed Dec 3 11:53:09 CST 2003

Hi Sean,

I'm replying with copy to the ipython list, in case one of the Windows experts 
can also comment on this (Gary?)

Sean David Richards wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> Thanks for creating such a great tool !

Thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you find it useful.

> I have been using ipython for a while now primarily on my Linux box at home, 
> but also on NT4 on my office machine at university. Saw your latest posting 
> on the ipython-dev list about readline and colors with ipython on windows. 
> This is a great step forward as lack of readline on windows is a real curse. 
> Setting it all up is easy though there are a couple of minor points. I know 
> you don't work on windows but you could perhaps pass these on to the relevant 
> person(s). 
> Console.py in the readline package is version specific. i.e it is hard        
> coded to use python22. Line 177 is ...
> self.inputHookPtr =                         
> c_int.from_address(addressof(cdll.python22.PyOS_InputHook)).value
> Colors and readline work fine (after fixing the above) however the python     
> prompt is now garbled  with a+?x instead of  >>>
> I will keep an eye on the ipython mailing lists (I just read the web 
> archives) to see if there is any resolution and if I manage to make any 
> progress myself will let you know.

Thanks for this info, and if you or anyone else makes any progress on this, 
please post to the list (or privately).  Once this settles a bit, I'll add a 
section to the manual on how to do the Windows configuration.  Perhaps Gary or 
another windows user can sketch a minimal writeup of the necessary steps?  It 
can be mailed to me in any format, but either plain text or LyX/TeX would be 
better than word processing formats.

Gary, I just saw your message about how busy you are, so don't worry.  I very 
much appreciate your contributions already, and I'm still working on some 
Gnuplot and localization bugs (not in cvs yet), so there's no rush.



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