[IPython-dev] Still no color on Windows XP

Mathew Yeates mathew at yeates.tv
Sat Dec 6 14:41:44 CST 2003

I still get no color. And the prompt is a bunch of weird characters. I 
turned on readlines logging and I get the following at the bottom of the log


any ideas?


Fernando Perez wrote:

> Hi all,
> today I've committed a fair amount of changes to CVS, mainly from the 
> contributions of Jeff Collins and Gary Bishop.  I'd like to give all a 
> brief update on this, since it would be great to see some testing of 
> this code as I start cleaning things up for a new release.
> - Jeff's work: it fixes tab completion for filenames under python 2.3, 
> which broke because the python developers changed the hardcoded 
> behavior of the readline library.
> One small caveat:  under redhat 8.0, I am seeing an extraneous space 
> appended to completed filenames.  Jeff helped me track its source, and 
> it is an improperly built readline.so by redhat, which is missing the 
> rl_completion_append_character variable.  This variable can NOT be set 
> via python code, so there's nothing I can do about it.  Redhat 9's 
> python, and almost any correctly built python, should not exhibit this 
> small annoyance.
> - Gary's work:  this allows coloring under Windows, with some extra 
> code provided by Gary.  Please note that I modified his patches 
> somewhat, in particular I renamed ColorTerm to Term because in the 
> future I'll be using this facility for all I/O, not just coloring.  So 
> I'm reposting his instructions here with the necessary changes for the 
> benefit of Windows users:
> ################################# Gary's instructions for Windows, 
> modified to work with the current CVS ipython:
> I have attached a patch for IPython 0.5-cvs that, along with my
> readline package, will make IPython on Windows work like it does on
> more capable systems.
> My readline code is available via CVS from
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/uncpythontools/readline/
> I use it inside and outside IPython and it seems to work fine.
> I don't think these changes impact other platforms but I certainly
> could be wrong since I haven't tested anywhere else.
> Most of the changes are of the form:
> - print header,output,
> + print >>Term.out, header,output,
> These send prints that could contain color escapes explicitly to a file
> object instead of relying on sys.stdout. Term.out and
> Term.err are initialized to sys.stdout and sys.stderr, so
> everything should work the same. On Windows, a user may optionally
> include the following in his IPYTHONDIR
> enable_color.py
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> '''Turn on the translation of ANSI color escapes for Windows'''
> import IPython
> import readline
> out = readline.GetOutputFile()
> IPython.genutils.Term.out = out
> IPython.genutils.Term.err = out
> del out
> del readline
> del IPython
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> and this line in ipythonrc.ini
> execfile enable_color.py
> To translate ANSI color escapes into the proper colors on the Windows
> console. Without this it will work fine without color.
> #################################
> Gary:  I'd also like you to help me with a couple of things concerning 
> this code.
> 1.  You made changes to page(), to make it work with 'less' under 
> windows+cygwin.  I want to be sure that users who DON'T have cygwin 
> are still ok.  Is that the case?
> 2.  The code below is around line 913 of genutils.py.  Do you know 
> which exceptions can this trigger under Windows, so we only trap 
> those?  I don't like blanket except clauses (ipython has many, but I'm 
> trying to clean them up as much as possible).  I also added the inner 
> try/finally to ensure proper cleanup.
>             try:
>                 try:
>                     tmpname = tempfile.mktemp('.txt')
>                     tmpfile = file(tmpname,'wt')
>                     tmpfile.write(strng)
>                     tmpfile.close()
>                     cmd = pager_cmd + ' < ' + tmpname
>                     os.system(cmd)
>                     retval = None
>                 finally:
>                     os.remove(tmpname)
>             except:  # FIXME: trap only the reasonable exceptions
>                 retval = 1
> You can send me any new patches against current CVS.
> Ok folks, I'll be working some more on ipython over the next few 
> weeks, to finish cleaning up some other things.  But these two big 
> changes are important enough that I'd really like to hear some 
> feedback, especially if there are problems.
> Many thanks to Jeff and Gary, both for their work and for their 
> patience with my sloooow response.
> Regards,
> Fernando.
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