[IPython-dev] Investment Partnership

Austin Tekere tekeremailbox1 at netscape.net
Sat Nov 22 08:23:46 CST 2003

Dear Kind hearted friend,

Please pardon me if I have intruded on your privacy. Though it may be 
surprising to you to have received this mail encompassing an investment 
proposal from me since you do not know me personally, however, I plead 
that you should give my case a hearing.

I am the first son of a late rich black farmer from Zimbabwe. My late 
father, Mr. Marcus Tekere was murdered as a result of his opposition to 
the much heralded politically motivated land dispute between white farmers 
and the Zimbabwean government headed by the much dreaded President Robert 
Mugabe. As led by my instinct, I decided to contact you through the 
usefulness of the internet via e-mail as it is the only means I can 
contact somebody since I am cutting off ties with Zimbabwe for security 
and safety reasons. However, I apologize if this is not acceptable to you.

The purpose of this letter like I did mention above is to seek your most 
needed assistance in a business venture as a partner in receiving the 
deposited consignment containing US$18.5 million made by my late father as a 
consignment  to an exclusively managed private security company based in 
the Netherlands. The total funds were proceeds from our business foreign 
accounts in banks, landed properties and selling of our shares in major 
companies. These funds when retrieved was to be used to start off a new 
business, purchase of lands, new machines and chemicals for establishment 
of new farms in Botswana or anywhere of my choice.

After the death of my father, I was continually threatened to abandon my 
inheritance and surrender everything to the government of Zimbabwe. I 
resisted for awhile, but when the danger became unbearable and I survived 
two murder attempts, I fled Zimbabwe to the Netherlands where I am seeking 
political asylum. In fact my decision to come here to seek asylum was 
based on the fact that the securities company is located here in the 

I need to transfer this money to a foreign account and invest part of it 
in any other good business besides farmlands since the law of the 
Netherlands prohibits a refugee (asylum seeker) to open any bank account 
or to be involved in any financial transaction. This is why I am seeking a 
genuine and reliable partner whose account this money can be transferred, 
hence this proposal to you. You have to understand that this is a genuine 
proposal which will mutually benefit us both. My future is based on the 
success of transaction between my party and the company and so, I urge you 
to take it very serious if you are interested. If you accept to assist me, 
the company will be legally informed of you representing me and all 
documentation procedure will commence with the assistance of my contact 
person in the Security Company.

For your assistance, a princely percentage of 25% of the funds have been 
mapped out as your commission. 70% of it is going to be the share coming 
to me and the rest of my family while the remaining 5% shall be set aside 
to take care of all expenses that might be incurred along the line by our 
two parties. I am ready to give a little more percentage on the condition 
that this transaction will be concluded in no distance time. As a sign of 
my open mindedness, I am ready also to entrust you with the investment of 
our own share in your country.

Please, kindly maintain absolute confidentiality in the course of the 
transaction for security reasons as I am still been haunted. I do not 
expect to hear from you if you are not interested, but if you are, kindly 
send your response with your phone number inclusive for further verbal 
communication with you. I hope the proposal is self explanatory and 

I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance 
as I anticipate your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Tekere

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