[IPython-dev] Patch for IPython with color on Windows

Mathew Yeates mathew at yeates.tv
Sun Nov 30 13:32:16 CST 2003

Has this patch been added to CVS?

Fernando Perez wrote:

> Gary Bishop wrote:
>> I have attached a patch for IPython 0.5-cvs that, along with my 
>> readline package, will make IPython on Windows work like it does on 
>> more capable systems.
> Great!  After having ignored your work for so long, I'll try to do 
> better this time.  I also have some other patches from Jeff Collins I 
> need to look at, so it will be a good thing to wrap all this into a 
> release.
> We had some problems with our systems and are still recovering slowly, 
> so my system access may be spotty for a few more days.  But I'll fold 
> in Jeff's and your code, plus:
> - the dreload patch
> - I'll try to fix the gettext() bug
> - I'll try to fix compatibility with Gnuplot.py v. 1.7, which changed 
> a lot.
> If we get all this, it will make a very nice new release, I think.  
> Please let me know of anything else anyone may think is immediately 
> outstanding to put on this list.
>> I'll be happy to help in any way I can to get these or some better 
>> variant into IPython.
> I'll have a look at the code as is, and let you know if any changes 
> are needed.
> Many thanks,
> f.
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