[IPython-dev] minor ipython.el news

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed May 5 17:50:49 CDT 2004

Hi Al,

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Ok, thanks for this.  I just uploaded into:
> http://ipython.scipy.org/dist/ipython-emacs-0.3.tgz
> a tarball with the currently official python-mode from sourceforge and the 
> ipython.el file you sent as well.

I just noticed the following comment in your ipython.el:

;; Also note that you currently NEED A MODIFIED VERSION OF PYTHON.EL. I have
;; submitted the necessary patch some months ago to sourceforge, but I think
;; it hasn't been incorporated yet. You can get a patched python.el from the
;; same URL as ipython.el.

Should I then NOT include the python-mode from SF?  Should I go back to the 
python-mode I had before, or do you have the patched one around?  I just tried 
ipython.el with the SF python-mode and don't see any problems, but perhaps I 
haven't quite exercised the problem areas.

Plase let me know what I should do on this one so that users who grab the 
ipython-emacs-XXX.tgz file from the ipython website don't need to putz around 
any further.  I'm afraid now I may have broken things a bit.



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