[IPython-dev] minor ipython.el news

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu May 6 18:11:17 CDT 2004

Alexander Schmolck wrote:

>>Hmm.  I poked around ultraTB.py, which is the traceback formatting code, and
>>it looks doable.  However, not particularly straightforward at first sight :(
>>That code is rather convoluted, and I'm not super-familiar with it, since I
>>didn't originally write it myself (though I've modified it quite a bit).  So
>>don't hold your breath on this one.  However, if in your copious spare time
>>you come up with a nice patch for it, I'll gladly include it in ;-)
> I'll consider it (when I get time to hack python.el one more time, I'll also
> have a look at this; doesn't seem too much code although possibly not terribly
> great quality -- I get negative line numbers every now and so often -- that
> seems to happen if the file is rather short).

Yes, that code isn't great.  Poorly commented (if at all) and with fairly 
convoluted logic.

>>>>./script.py --title 'some title'
>>This one looks more feasible: it's basically adding more sophisticated quoting
>>to @run than the simple .split() it currently does (I mean for the quoting,
>>globbing is even easier).  I'll see if I can get this one in soonish, to at
>>least grant you one of your wishes :)
> Couldn't one just defer globbing and quoting to the shell (or have an extra
> @srun command that does that?)?

How does this sound?

In [1]: cat argv.py
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys

print 'argv:',sys.argv

In [2]: run argv ~ *py
argv: ['argv.py', '/home/fperez', 'argv.py', 'die.py', 'div.py', 'error.py', 
'exit.py', 'ramptest.py', 'scopes.py', 'strings.py', 't.py']

In [3]: !./argv.py ~ *py
argv: ['./argv.py', '/home/fperez', 'argv.py', 'die.py', 'div.py', 'error.py', 
'exit.py', 'ramptest.py', 'scopes.py', 'strings.py', 't.py']

Here's the bit of code which does the magic:

         # Try to have the underlying shell do all quoting for us
         # This has one eval in it, which I don't see how to avoid, since we
         # need to rebuild argv from the _string_ which comes from the shell

         # Note that I print argv[1:] because the -c option is left in there as
         # the first entry, even though the python man page says it shouldn't
         # be there.
         out,err = getoutputerror('%s -SEc "import sys;print sys.argv[1:]" %s'
                                   % (sys.executable,arg_str))
         # If there is any problem with the shell-based expansions, we punt and
         # do a simple arg_str.split()
         if err:
             argv = arg_str.split()
         elif not out.startswith('[') or not out.endswith(']'):
             argv = arg_str.split()
                 argv = eval(out,{},{})
                 argv = arg_str.split()

Let me know if you have any objections/comments.  I'm not crazy about using an 
eval, but on the other hand I don't want to build all of the logic which bash 
has to parse/glob/quote a command line into an argv vector.

I've just uploaded this to CVS, in case you feel like playing with it.



ps: I gave you what you wanted, now you need to fix ultraTB's regexps :)

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