[IPython-dev] Encoding warning.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue May 25 13:02:20 CDT 2004

Andrea Riciputi wrote:
> Hi,
> I was installing IPython v0.6.0 when I get the following warning.
> python2.3 setup.py build
> sys:1: DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xe9' in file setup.py 
> on line 10, but no encoding declared; see 
> http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details
> I know it's only a minor one, but anyway it could be fixed in the next 
> release.

Thanks, fixed in CVS.

By the way, does anyone know how to deal with accents and encodings with 
Fedora?  My desktop uses now Fedora2, which defaults to  Utf-8 encodings, and 
this is giving me a lot of headaches when I modify a file and then edit it on 
my latptop (Fedora1 configured with Iso-8859-1).

I am thinking that the simplest solution will be just to remove all encoding 
information from all files, and in the same step change Pérez to Perez (I 
think that accent is the sole non-ascii character).  I can live with my name 
being slightly misspelled rather than dealing with the problems which may 
ensue if patches are submitted which change encodings.

I know next to nothing about this, so any pointers will be much appreciated. 
There may be a 'right' way to deal with the issue, which I'd gladly follow if 
I knew it.



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