[IPython-dev] A possible bug.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Sep 27 20:24:00 CDT 2004

Fernando Perez schrieb:
> Andrea Riciputi wrote:
>>I've found what I think is a bug. If I try to hit tab to complete a  
>>module object or attribute I get the following traceback. HTH to fix  
>>this problem.
> I suppressed the nasty output in 0.6.3, but readline still doesn't properly if 
> you try:
> [modulename.foo<TAB>
> However, doing:
> [ modulename.foo<TAB>
> ^^^ -> Note the space
> works.  It has to do with how readline splits the line in pieces for 
> evaluation purposes.  I'll see if I can make readline complete that kind of 
> syntax, but no promises.  At least current ipython simply doesn't complete in 
> that case, instead of spitting out that scary-looking traceback.

Ok, I did a bit of work on this one, and here's what I found.  You can get 
ipython to complete [modname.<TAB> expressions, simply by setting in your 
ipythonrc file:

readline_remove_delims '"-/~

The current default value is:

readline_remove_delims '"[]{}-/~

Here's what happens: if you HAVE []{} in remove_delims, then you can do:

In [1]: [].<TAB HERE>
[].append   [].extend   [].insert   [].remove   [].sort
[].count    [].index    [].pop      [].reverse

However, it breaks the completion for [modname.<TAB>, since now '[' is 
considered part of the expression to be completed.

In retrospect, I think it's better to _allow_ [modname.<TAB> to work 
correctly, at the expense of killing [].<TAB>, since a list comprehension is 
more common than typing TAB on the naked [] list constructor.  The argument 
may not be as strong for {}, since dict comprehensions don't exist, but I may 
change the default for both just to keep the interface uniform.

Unless I hear anyone complain, I'll then update things so that the new default 
will be:

readline_remove_delims '"-/~



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