[IPython-dev] GTK warning.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Feb 23 07:06:13 CST 2005

Andrea Riciputi wrote:
> I was working with version 0.6.11 when I noticed the following warning 
> message:
>>ibook:~ andrea$ ipython -pylab
>>** (ipython:29305): WARNING **: `GtkTextSearchFlags' is not an enum 

Mmh.  What is your matplotlib backend? Gtk or GtkAgg?  I don't directly use 
much of gtk, so it's possible that this is triggered by the pylab backend code.

I should also note that under linux (fedora3) I don't see it, so it may well 
be a pygtk/gtk version thing.

If it continues to be a bother as you update versions of pygtk/gtk/matplotlib, 
   I'd suggest informing the matplotlib list directly, since I suspect this is 
on their side of things.



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