[IPython-dev] I haven't forgotten...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 7 20:34:19 CDT 2005

Hi everyone,

(and in particular Vivian, Jorgen, Ville and others with patches in waiting)

this is just to explain a little why I've seemingly abandoned all contact when 
users are actually contributing serious patches.  First, a big apology, but it 
has simply been a matter of fitting things into 24 hour days.

A lot of 'real work', compounded with a very significant change in the SciPy 
project, has simply swamped me.  For those who don't follow that list, the 
core of that project is seeing major changes thanks to the efforts of a few 
committed developers, including our own Robert Kern.  What little 'open source 
time' I've had in the past few weeks has gone to Scipy, since right now the 
changes taking place there are fairly critical.  There was also the Scipy'05 
conference, for which we had two IPython talks which took time in various ways 
(though Robert presented one of them).

Finally, an extensive home renovation process has taken every remaining minute 
of my time (if you ever think of a time budget for home renovations, multiply 
it by 10 and you might be getting somewhere realistic...)

Things are settling back, though, and I've started to slowly grind away again. 
  I've updated the site with the slides for the Scipy'05 talks along with a 
few new links to ipython-related projects.

I will slowly work back up the queue, I promise.  I realize that you've all 
put time and effort into your contributions, and I certainly value them.  So 
please bear with me a little longer as I catch my breath and try to recover 
some momentum.  Thanks to new developer blood we are actually making deep 
changes now to ipython (in the chainsaw and notebook branches), and I'm very 
optimistic about ipython's future as something that will offer much more than 
just a hacked-up shell.

Best regards,


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