[IPython-dev] wildcard-patch

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Oct 15 03:03:09 CDT 2005

Jörgen Stenarson wrote:
> Hans Meine wrote:
> ...
>>If you put this into the docs somewhere, I would change [...]+ to [...]* to 
>>make it match the regular expression syntax.  Otherwise, one could read it as 
>>"at least one specification" which is probably not what you mean. :-)
>>And BTW: One "E" is missing, but I guess that's just a typo in your mail.
> I have improved the docstrings taking Hans's suggestions into account. 
> However I don't feel comfortable editing the manual since I don't have 
> lyx installed.

OK, as promised, I'm trying to (slowly) catch up with my horrid ipython 
backlog.  I've committed your patches for this,  with minor edits for 
readability.  I have yet to add this to the manual, but I'm going to sleep now.

Many thanks for this contribution, I think it's a great feature.  I've tested 
it a bit, but as with all new things,  anyone following SVN please report any 

Jorgen, only one thing: in the future, please never mix tabs and spaces in 
code.  Here are some simple developer guidelines for ipython:


Since I waited for so long on this one on you, I didn't want to ask you to 
resend the patches, but for the future, please use spaces only.  Mixing tabs 
and spaces in code is a recipe for disaster, and the rest of ipython already 
uses spaces.  I made the mistake of running untabify on the patch _before_ 
applying it, which mis-expanded the tabs, and I only noticed the problem after 
  lots of manual edits, so I essentially had to reindent the whole thing line 
by line, reading the original patch in parallel to make sure I didn't screw up.

Again, sorry for the long delay and many thanks for doing this work.  A very 
nice improvement, which I'll certainly use quite a bit.



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