[IPython-dev] Copy & Paste in IPython under Windows?

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Thu Oct 27 08:16:52 CDT 2005


As I mentioned before, I am using IPython (on Linux) now instead of our 
home-brewn-Qt-based interactive Python shell.  Now my collegue (who 
originally wrote our "PyTerm") is unhappy with this situation (that he has to 
maintain a graphical shell just for his own personal use), but he says that 
IPython is "unusable under Windows because it does not really support 
copy&paste" since it's running in a DOS box.

I am not very familiar with Windows, Cygwin, DOS boxes or the like, but I 
guess if you are using IPython under Windows, you will probably have found a 
way to copy and paste, too?

I am looking forward to your responses,
  Greetings, Hans

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