[IPython-dev] Copy & Paste in IPython under Windows?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Oct 27 12:56:32 CDT 2005

Hans Meine wrote:
> Hi!
> As I mentioned before, I am using IPython (on Linux) now instead of our 
> home-brewn-Qt-based interactive Python shell.  Now my collegue (who 
> originally wrote our "PyTerm") is unhappy with this situation (that he has to 
> maintain a graphical shell just for his own personal use), but he says that 
> IPython is "unusable under Windows because it does not really support 
> copy&paste" since it's running in a DOS box.
> I am not very familiar with Windows, Cygwin, DOS boxes or the like, but I 
> guess if you are using IPython under Windows, you will probably have found a 
> way to copy and paste, too?
> I am looking forward to your responses,

Well, I just started using windows again a little bit this weekend, so I'm 
hardly what you could call an expert, and I intend to use it as little as I 
absolutely have to.  For the project I need windows, my plan is to develop 
under linux, and reboot under win32 only to validate that the code runs.  I 
simply can't work under windows efficiently, it's just beyond me.

But I saw that the 'terminal' that windows uses has a preferences panel with a 
'Quick Edit' checkbox.  Checking that provides some basic copy/paste 
abilities, though they seem to be restricted to the mouse.  I'm at the office 
now (no windows), but I can check again tonight at home (where the windows 
computer is) if you want further details or experiments.

If your friend wants the ability to highlight text with the cursor and 
copy/paste without the mouse, I'm not quite sure how that can be done.  In 
particular, the 'copy' shortcut is Ctrl-C, which triggers a KeyboardInterrupt 
exception under Windows.  How would one get around that?



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