[IPython-dev] Copy & Paste in IPython under Windows?

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Fri Oct 28 07:55:01 CDT 2005


and thanks for your comments.  I feel the same about Windows as Fernando, I am 
just feeling unhappy when having to do sth. with it.  I made Ullrich show me 
what he meant, and found this out:

- He tried to use Ctrl-C/V which obviously do nothing related in the terminal,
  so with "does not really work" he meant "does not work at all".

On Thursday 27 October 2005 23:40, Fernando Perez wrote:
> > I think you don't even need the quick edit checked to copy/paste with
> > mouse. Just paint with mouse (caution - it freezes the window for the
> > duration of the operation), press enter to "copy" ang right-click to
> > paste.
> So what does the 'quick edit' thing do?  Just curious...

- The "quick edit" checkbox enables you to mark, copy & paste without the
  menu.  Normally, you have to select "mark" and "paste" in the menu.

- Pressing Enter to copy the marked region is insane, but works.

> > Windows has craploads of problems, but copy-pasting isn't one of them.
> Yes, that seemed to work for me, but it seems Hans' friend had further
> complains, so it would be good to know what they were.  I get the feeling
> that in win32, the terminal copy/paste doesn't recognize the end of text
> lines, it's just a 'rectangle paint'.

- Exactly this is the serious remaining problem; it makes it impossible to
  copypaste multi-line commands, since it at best inserts spurious newlines, 
and usually also strips stuff from the left or right of the rectangle.

> Typically rich text widgets know how 
> to highlight only text, and perhaps that's important to Hans' friend.

Yes, normally you wouldn't copy single words with the mouse, since it's faster 
to retype them, but long commands are impossible to copy&paste in any sane 
way AFAWCS. :-(

  Hans (who happily returned to his Unix box ;-p )

PS: Of course, copy & paste is still interesting with Unix, but at least I do 
not suffer from *shudder* unwanted rectangular selections.

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