[IPython-dev] Copy & Paste in IPython under Windows?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 28 14:13:09 CDT 2005

Hans Meine wrote:
> Hi,
> and thanks for your comments.  I feel the same about Windows as Fernando, I am 
> just feeling unhappy when having to do sth. with it.  I made Ullrich show me 
> what he meant, and found this out:
> - He tried to use Ctrl-C/V which obviously do nothing related in the terminal,
>   so with "does not really work" he meant "does not work at all".

This is what I suspected.  I wonder, though, what his Qt terminal does with 
Ctrl-C.  How do you issue a SIGINT in his environment if you want to send a 
KeyboardInterrupt exception to a process?

At any rate, I think that the problem is simply that the underlying windows 
command terminal is fundamentally, irreparably broken.

One possibility would be to run under rxvt in cygwin.  That's a real terminal, 
so in it copy/paste probably would work sensibly (I'm guessing here, my 
windows box is at home).

Otherwise, he'd need to embed ipython as the shell inside a better Qt widget 
than the windows terminal.  This is doable, but not particularly easy today, 
as ipython makes too many assumptions about stdin/out.  I hope that in the 
near future this situation will improve, as the work to make the 
notebook/parallel (chainsaw) branches converge progresses, this is precisely 
one of our very first requirements.



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