[IPython-dev] wildcard-patch

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Mon Sep 26 13:54:59 CDT 2005


I have thought about Ville's suggestions and have made the following 
changes (some are not related to his comments)

*Changed docstring for %psearch to replace %listdef with %psearch. Added 
a few more examples.

*Added use of the pager, so long outputs are paused

*Now searches all objects not just modules.
This means a lot more matches are generated if a loose pattern is 
specified. ?*.* will match all objects in all modules just as before and 
also all attributes of all objects in the searched namespaces.

*Case insensitive by default

*Changed options to use hyphen+singleletter instead of !+singleletter
eg. -c for case sensitive -a for show all (even objects starting with 
single underscore)


Ville Vainio wrote:
 > Does "%psearch *.*ste*" work, so that it will find os.system?
 > Can I search for methods in a bunch classes, a'la
 > %psearch mymod.MyClass*Impl.get*
Now both these cases work as expected

 > ipython. Perhaps the searchable namespaces could be "remembered" and
 > removed by
 > %psearch -addns os
 > %psearch -rmns sys

This may be something that is desireable but currently the only possible 
choices for namespaces are: user, builtin, internal, alias which are the 
four namespaces stored in the shell object. And they can be 
added/removed by +- before the namespace.

At this point I think the wildcard patch is feature complete, from my 
point of view, for the next release. Fernando are there any other 
changes you would like before comitting the patch?

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