[IPython-dev] wxIPython0.7 - Linux is a known OS :)

Laurent Dufréchou laurent.dufrechou@gmail....
Sun Dec 16 16:30:56 CST 2007

Hi Prabhu my linux tester ;),

Here it takes ~2.5s.(Core 2 T7200)
Under linux (in a virtual machine) it tooks more times but more boring, the
app more or less unusable because if you try to up or down in the scroll
windows it took VERY long time.

What is you processor power (just to have a comparison point)?
On my windows all is ok (well if a compare to IPython Dos shell it's pity
but well... :)

Haaaa, find something while writing the email!
Can you check with these two files?(really faster :) ) (rename them
ipython_view.py) Fastest is like IPython Shell prompt '1 column
Fastest but beautifull is little slower but multi column capable (if your
window size is large enough)

For your config is the last one acceptable? Is there any visible difference
between the two?
Do you have the BORING slowdown while trying to scroll up after a wx.
Completion with GTK?


Ps:yeah will use svn for next release ;)

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Laurent Dufréchou wrote:
> Oups,
> Can you try this in ipython_view.py?
> Line 671, add time_loop argument = 0.1 s IP = 
> IterableIPShell(cout=self.cout,cerr=self.cout,
>                      pager = self.pager, exit_handler = exit_handler,
>                      time_loop = 0.1)
> Cpu goes low with this here.(In with actual config thread is always 
> looping like

Yup, that reduces the CPU load a huge amount.  Thanks.

I noticed that large modules take forever for tab completion.  Try this:

import wx

eats lots of CPU and takes forever, perhaps because you end up printing 3000
odd lines?!

> Thanks for your report!



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