[IPython-dev] ipython1 saw exception transport and raising

Doug Jones dfj225@gmail....
Mon Jul 9 09:59:33 CDT 2007

Hello IPython devs,

I've been testing the ipython1 saw branch and was testing some of the
new exception handling code. All in all, it seems to be working very
well, but I have come across one quirk that affects my code. Part of
the system that I use involves C++ code wrapped using Boost.Python.
For some reason, it seems that Boost.Python likes to create its own
classes for exceptions which aren't able to be pickled. So, whenever
one of these exceptions gets generated, I get a traceback about failed
pickling instead of the actual error that was generated.

I cooked up a little change that makes these types of errors able to
be serialized. I'm not too familiar with the internals of IPython1, so
there might be a much better way to do this, but at the very least I
hope my code serves as a good indication of where the problem lies.

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