[IPython-dev] host completer patch

Gael Pasgrimaud gawel@afpy....
Mon Jul 16 02:21:25 CDT 2007


Le 16 juil. 07 à 08:34, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> Thanks for your patch, but I have a question: is it really going to be
> useful for much longer?  I think that SSH installations these days
> have switched to fully encrypted hostnames in known_hosts for security
> reasons.  For example, this is what my known_hosts file looks like:
> |1|b4c6JaeXDN5RNoIY4FPJHC8/90c=|7BQAEHpygIjFv1Yj3h+1EMbVhq8= ssh-rsa
> wAAAQEA4n38wYb/Xcw2huw/3JwiL4nqZSup2n1byzID2WU6a6RmizbW/ 
> h5kBOHmzVajClPjxKy53klszKCBKcFeioY
> Jof6qXpkrw0ZgpZVkDMbzyw4mvI9UtYLKhPw8iX9R3Jlv6RWnccqvSmz0OGz3GQY/ 
> ZDAczNahCapTyHYaYC/j/7BZT
> xcxzG1odF+KQuA4fvqIhAD 
> +Xl1kp4zDCWh6uRjqNQarNYUuGnlYgJpv4Fa6hAIxBc7TaU3R6mJSwett5kpCEd4c1oy
> +4uUxsV9M6QlgUOGTUQrAB09KDJqTY0CAGfBGXl5fcPUEYFZnEe9yYf4gtcRyV5Om8/ 
> D2hs+x5znl/w==
> ... etc.

Ouch... I don't know this... I think this will break a lot of shell  
completers :(

> Not terribly useful for completion, I'm afraid :)

Yes, but you can always put a HashKnownhosts no in your ~/.ssh/config

> I'm on Ubuntu Feisty.  Have other distros not switched to this SSH
> configuration?  I know Debian switched as of Etch to encrypted
> known_hosts, and I'd imagine others will catch up in due time, no?
> If this is not going to be generically useful for others, I'd rather
> not have the code in the mainline, I'm afraid.

Yep, i understand. No problem.

May be i can put this somewhere on your wiki as a tips ?



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