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Gael Pasgrimaud gawel@afpy....
Mon Jul 16 16:42:33 CDT 2007

Le 16 juil. 07 à 19:07, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> On 7/16/07, Gael Pasgrimaud <gawel@afpy.org> wrote:
> This is NOT hypothetical, in fact the only breakin I've ever been a
> victim of had this pattern, and was made MUCH more serious thanks to
> an unhashed known_hosts (it was an old mismanaged Solaris box, years
> ago).

Ouch ! But known_hosts is not the only file with host names.
What about ~/.ssh/config ? I don't think this one can be encrypted  
one day.

> But we're in the business of being useful to people, not enforcing
> policy on them.  I'd be happy to include your patch if you modify it
> to include a docstring explaining the above, making very clear the
> consequences of enabling it.  At least if people do this, they should
> know *exactly* the exposure they are generating.

Ok, done. My english is quite poor but i've tried to be as clear as  
I've also put a link to this thread since your example is really  

> We will NOT enable the feature by default (since it's also quite
> likely to not work in many new linux installations), but it will be
> there for users who want it and are aware of the risks.

That's cool. I've made a few searches and i've seen a lot of threads on
"how to enable host completion". Seems people need it :)

Since this feature will not be enable by default, i've added a few  
hooks in the
module with some common commands:


Then you only need to put the import in your profile. I hope it's ok  
for you.

I've also improved a bit my completer and added another one to get  
the final ':' with scp/sftp

The file is called ipy_host_completers.py since it's not really ssh  



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