[IPython-dev] Leo's ipython plugin is complete

Toni Alatalo antont@an....
Wed Feb 6 03:09:15 CST 2008

Edward Ream kirjoitti:
> it dawned on me that Leo's DOM (Document Object Model) is what sets Leo apart. 
> Clearly, this realization has relevance for Leo as an IPython notebook.

This sounds very interesting indeed.

Some of you may remember that I participated in the Summer of Code work 
on IPython notebooks back in .. 2005 it was. Back then there were some 
discussions about document models: the initial idea (in 
http://ipython.scipy.org/google_soc/ipnb_google_soc.pdf) was to use 
Python, but that was then rejected ("Python is not Lisp" :) and XML was 
used instead. IIRC documents were processed by making docbook xml out of 
the 'notebook xml's, and I experimented with using the docutils document 
model (~rest) too. The thing in the notebook XML is/was that it includes 
   IPython in&out nodes, with the executable code.

I remember that Leo was discussed then too, and actually quite recently 
when I once more encountered a need to write Python notebooks, I tried 
Leo again and learned to use it a bit. It certainly seemed like 
something I could use, but haven't done more yet than the little 
experimenting that one late evening. I haven't looked at the Leo DOM at all.

So, thanks for the work and news, am looking forward to giving it a shot 
one day .. and hoping that the notebook dreams are / come true. I also 
took a quick look of the new javascript notebook stuff in ipython svn, 
but didn't get too much of a hold of it yet -- interesting to see also.

BTW I'm mostly using Python now for game development, game logic, 
animation code etc. in general in our own projects (at Playsign, 
ex-Kyperjokki), but also with a special interest in AI / behaviours that 
also do for some customers (bots etc) .. don't know yet if / how 
'executable notebooks' come to play there.

> Edward


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