[IPython-dev] Launchpad?

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Sat Feb 9 06:08:12 CST 2008


Pardon me, but you almost sound like a troll :->.

Let me tell you why git is totally out of question. It works terribly
poorly under windows. Up to recently it did not work at all under
windows. Now it requires cygwin, and is terribly poorly integrated with
the system.

About Canonical reinventing the wheel with bzr. Well there might be more
than one solution to one problem. Git, hg and bzr have all had their pros
and their cons. The DVCS is a young field, and different players have
tried different solutions. Currently the difference between hg and bzr is
leveling off, as bzr is focusing on performance, and hg is focusing on
merge. Anyhow, I don't want to go in another endless hg vs bzr discussion
(I don't mention git for the reasons given above). Bzr works very well
under windows, as one of its main developpers runs windows. I have
seen hg successfully used under windows. I have used both, and I know
both get the work done.

I favor doing whatever gets the work done the easiest. It happens that
launchpad is a very convenient (though not perfect) web platform. I use
it for other projects, and I have been pleased not only by the current
features, but also by the features they keep adding. These guys listen to
their users. Moreover, I want to stress that a choice taken now can be
revoked later. What matters is getting the work done!

My 2 cents,


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