[IPython-dev] Ticket #228

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson@bostream...
Wed Feb 13 13:57:23 CST 2008

The ticket #228 has maintainer as reporter I'm not sure who that is but 
I'm hoping I can get some more information on the problem from him on list.

In particular exactly how ipython was started, which ssh was used, is it 
running in a console window or somewhere else. Is python executing on 
the remote machine?

My first guess is that if python is running on another through a SSH 
connection then pyreadline just won't work because it relies on getting 
a handle to the console that you are typing into and I would be 
surprised if that is transported over SSH. It would be good to figure 
out a way to detect if python was started this way so we can disable the 
call to pyreadline.

Looking at the crash_report it looks like pyreadline_codepage is None. 
This may be the clue we need to decide that ipython was started through 
ssh. However it may be too late since pyreadline has already been 
imported and installed by the time we get this crash. Since by default 
pyreadline_codepage comes from sys.stdout.encoding we would just have to 
check that sys.stdout.encoding is not None before importing pyreadline.


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