[IPython-dev] IPython1 versioning conventions

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Wed Feb 20 16:52:47 CST 2008


I am getting ready to release a new version of IPython1 and I have a
question about how we are versioning it.  The previous version of
IPython1 was listed as 0.9alpha3.  I am not sure this makes sense and
it is probably a good time to decide upon a versioning scheme for
IPython1 before everyone jump into the code.


How should we version IPython1?  Should it have versions that:

1) Are somehow related to those of trunk IPython? (the current scheme
suggests something like that).
2) Are completely independent?

My initial thought is that it might be nice to pick version numbers
that give us a little more room before hitting 1.0.  We could jump
back and call the next release of ipython1 0.1.  Otherwise I fear we
will quickly see version numbers like

I think our current thought is that when IPython1 reaches version 1.0,
it would become a full replacement for IPython trunk (which would
itself disappear).  But that is still a ways off.



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