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Thu Nov 20 16:51:09 CST 2008

Matt and all,


Have you noticed that this is where things seem to get "ported" over to e-texteditor?

I could be a tester from the e-texteditor side.

Further, I've added some snippets to my most recent download of the bundle.  I just need to figure out how to get them up this evening onto a new branch on github.  I'm sure it's easy, I just haven't taken the time yet to figure it out yet.


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I'm pleased to announce that the IPython TextMate bundle is in a state where it can actually be used.

To celebrate this, I've made a simple screencast demoing some of the basic features. You can find it at [1] , it should be ready to view fairly soon.

The main features of note are:

  * Communication with IPython via the extension ipy_vimserver. This means the bundle should work right out of the box: just run import ipy_vimserver; ipy_vimserver.setup('session'), and you can connect.
    * running the current file in IPython
    * running the current line / selection in IPython
    * running the current file / selection / line in IPython with the profiler enabled
    * growl notification of salient points
    * rudimentary syntax highlighting of ipythonrc files, including warnings about broken comments
    * commands for editing the ipythonrc file and .ipython directory
    * built in help
    * access from a single key binding.

The bundle can be downloaded from [2] or installed via GetBundles. For installation help, see [2].

We'd love to hear your feedback, so please send comments, suggestions and feedback to either the ipython-dev list (please prefix the subject with [TextMate]), or the ipython-tmbundle google group (just reply to this email).


[1]: http://www.vimeo.com/2281439
[2]: http://github.com/mattfoster/ipython-tmbundle/

Matt Foster | http://hackerific.net

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