[IPython-dev] ipy_editor.py: textmate function

Benjamin J. Racine bjracine@glosten....
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This allows you to open an instance of textmate from ipython?

On another note:

I think I will commit some snippets soon.  I like your unified approach, i.e. as few distinct keystrokes as possible, and leaving the rest to the pop-up menus, i.e.

'import tab' yields all the import statements at once... further 
'plot tab' yields all the plotting statements at once.

I might hold off a little longer on committing anything just yet, as I don't want to put anything out there until I feel that I've chosen the most rational shortcuts possible, which becomes clearer after a bit of effort.

Right now I am trying to pull out any of the reoccuring material from 

Ben R.

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You can add TextMate support to ipy_editor.py like this (-w means wait):

def mate(exe = 'mate'):
    """ TextMate, the missing editor"""
    install_editor(exe + '-w -l $line "$file"')

I've attached a patch.



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