[IPython-dev] ipy_editor.py: textmate function

Matt Foster matt.p.foster@gmail....
Wed Nov 26 02:45:59 CST 2008

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 12:00 AM, Benjamin J. Racine
<bjracine@glosten.com> wrote:
> Matt,
> This allows you to open an instance of textmate from ipython?

That's right. If you put the following into ~/.ipython/ipy_user.conf

    import ipy_editors

Then it'll use it for the %edit command, and then execute the file
after you've saved it and closed the window.

> On another note:
> I think I will commit some snippets soon.  I like your unified approach, i.e. as few distinct keystrokes as possible, and leaving the rest to the pop-up menus, i.e.
> 'import tab' yields all the import statements at once... further
> 'plot tab' yields all the plotting statements at once.
> I might hold off a little longer on committing anything just yet, as I don't want to put anything out there until I feel that I've chosen the most rational shortcuts possible, which becomes clearer after a bit of effort.
> Right now I am trying to pull out any of the reoccuring material from
> EPD/Examples/Traits,
> EPD/Examples/TraitsGUI,
> EPD/Examples/Chaco,
> EPD/Examples/Mayavi

That sounds like it'll be cool.

You can commit as much as you want into github, and as often as you
want. Things like keybindings are trivial to change too, so commit
when you're ready.

Matt Foster | http://hackerific.net

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