[IPython-dev] Handy launchpad trick

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Tue Sep 2 10:30:36 CDT 2008

Here's how to deal with those launchpad push url's that were broken a
while back:

Typically, the push url on launchpad page will look like this::

 bzr push lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-extensions

Obviously, you can't execute that command (at least not with the bzr
version I'm using). What you wants looks like this::

 bzr push bzr+ssh://villemvainio@bazaar.launchpad.net/~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-extensions

So, here's how to do it with minimum pain:

LP = "bzr+ssh://villemvainio@bazaar.launchpad.net/"
%store LP

(adjust according to your launchpad username)

After that, you will (manually) change all the suggested push url's like this::

 bzr push lp:~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-extensions    (OLD)
 bzr push $LP~villemvainio/ipython/ipython-extensions  (NEW)

(and maybe add --remember for good measure)

Of course there may be another way to fix it, I was hoping launchpad
would have got it fixed by now.

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