[IPython-dev] ipcluster with clusterfile

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Wed Sep 3 16:19:15 CDT 2008


Our old ipcluster script has a remote mode that can be used for
starting a cluster over ssh.  This is currently broken and I want to

1.  Fix it for the 0.9 release.

2.  Remove it for the 0..9 release.

The big problem with fixing it is the management of the furl files.
Previously we didn't have security, so this wasn't an issue, but now
the controller's furl file needs to be moved to where the engines are.
 This would require additional logic in ipcluster.py.

The main issue is that the ipcluster is about to get an entirely new
implementation when Min's daemon stuff is merged in.

Thoughts?  Do we try to get this working for the 0.9 release (with a
hack, not Min's stuff), or do we remove the capability?



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