[IPython-dev] Do we have an get_ipython_dir

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 00:00:15 CDT 2008

> Could you publish your working branch as well for review?  We've been using
> lp:~devname/ipython/trunk-dev


I also posted this branch for review.  There are three commits that
need review before I merge them into trunk for the 0.9 release.  They
are minor, but I especially like review this close to a release!

> for each person's working copy of trunk (in addition to any others
> they may have around) as a convention so it's easy to know what those
> mean when we see the list of associated branches.  That obviously
> doesn't preclude anyone from keeping regular feature branches, like we
> have some right now.

Yep, this is a great idea that all of us should follow!!!!


> Thanks!
> f

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