[IPython-dev] 0.9 Windows installer still not working for me!?!?

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 12:33:59 CDT 2008

> 1.  We simply get rid of this bad code and stop shipping Win32 .exe
> installers.  Instead people can easy_install the egg or just python
> setup.py install it.  If we go this route, we should really get rid of
> the post install scripts as they will simply confuse people.
> 2.  Someone who cares about an .exe installer and who knows how to
> handle the post install stuff properly steps in and fixes all of this
> before the release.

I got a good night sleep and am going to attempt to fix all of this
today.  I will let people know how his goes.


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