[IPython-dev] Fully working Win32 installer

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Thu Sep 4 21:37:48 CDT 2008


Today I spent the day fixing and updating the post install script that
gets run by the Win32 installer.  Now we have:

* All ipython related script have .bat and .py versions, so they can
be run from the command line
* The main one (including iptest, ipcontroler and ipengine) have Start
Menu shortcuts

This commit has not been merged into trunk yet as I would like it
reviewed.  Could someone have a look at that in my trunk-dev branch?
Thanks!  Also, I still need to test all of this on Vista (that is

But, the manual post install script win32_manual_post_install.py is
probably completely broken.  I know Fernando has been considering
getting rid of this and I now agree, as no Windows gurus have stepped
up to the plate on this.

So, let's put it up for a vote:  shall we delete win32_manual_post_install.py?




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