[IPython-dev] shell command for ipython1 frontend

Laurent Dufrechou laurent.dufrechou@gmail....
Mon Sep 8 15:42:12 CDT 2008

Hi gael,

It is not working at all :(
To be sure:
I've created a new directory.
bzr branch lp:~gael-varoquaux/ipython/ipython-sync-frontend
then launched ipythonx

Is it tagged 0.9beta3 ? If yes then...there still an issue.
Moreover, the exception don't display anything... Is it working on your
I've also tried with administrator privileges just in case...
I'm doinf this:
!ls (tried with !dir too)
Do I need to do eggsetup develop?????

I've worked a little on your widget:

What I want is something that looks like to my widget (white on black) + one
line next to other + prompt2:

1/I've seen that there is global value in underling classes that are used to
change color of input/output and error.
I couldn't manage to change them in the top level class. I'm not used to
vars like
Class toto:
	MYVAR = ...
MYVAR is global to the class but is constant?
If yes can you change them to make me change the aspect of the widget?

2/Next I don't want a '\n' between each prompt (in and out too).
I've tried different things
#self.write('\n', refresh=False)
self.write('', refresh=False)

But it seems that the '\n' are used by the underlying classes to handle the
line state, or something like this, so don't where to change this witout
breaking your widget. Any idea?

3/ I've seen a little threading? Problem while pushing a lot of time

In [98]: 
In [99]: 

In [100]: a

Out[100]: 1

Oups, look at line 99.(Had the same problem before too with my widget)

4/? -> display long text, is there a way to overload help display to add
input from user?
I've done this in my widget, I display 10lines then used have to push 'space
to display 10 next lines or 'q' to quit.

5/ You widget seems to react strangely (well not at all in fact ) but
somewhat frustrating:

IN: while(1):
	print "coucou"
and your widget don't execute the lines like ioython0 because he detects an
error! It is REALLY frustrating because sometimes you don't see the error
and would like to execute the line to make ipython shell show you the bug :)

Can we change this behavior?

6/ import htt+'tab' don't work at all, in fact completion on import don't

Sorry it's a lot of questions, that shows you I'm trying to use it ;)


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