[IPython-dev] The road to 0.10

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Sep 14 05:06:12 CDT 2008

Hi all,

now that 0.9 is out, it woudl be great to start putting things in
place for a really good 0.10.  I suspect it will take us a release or
two to shake out all the things that just went in once we go into
wider use.

Some things that I think are high on the pipeline:

- Min's branch on the ipython daemon.  I think this is critical
functionality to have in early so we can beat on it.

- Our doc machinery.  Now that we have the great sphinx docs, we need
to set up proper API docs as well as auto-generate the magic docs, the
manpages, etc.  We have a bit too much manually duplicated info.

- Revisiting the discussion we put a bit on hold on
notifications/events.  A skype/phone chat would be great to have while
Gael is still on US timezones, even if only between Gael and Barry for
starters.  This is a tricky problem but I'm sure we can find a good
solution to it so all the various frontends can make as much code
reuse as possible.

- Better integration of Laurent's and Gael's WX codes.  This one may
be easier to think about once Gael is back in the same timezone as
Laurent :)

I think the first two can be done very early in the 0.10 cycle.  The
GUI work is also high-importance, but it will depend on how much we
all can work on that (it needs more people).

Obviously, we have a ton of open bugs on lp, so there's plenty to do :)



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