[IPython-dev] ipython0.9 and python2.4

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Sun Sep 14 23:23:06 CDT 2008

> Ouch. I understood the above as 'go' :)  I already pushed the release
> script (meaning registered with pypi, etc...), when I saw you'd merged
> and given the green light, I just went ahead with the final.  I have a
> few things I need to do before going to bed.

Ha ha.  I think we are all getting tired :)  No problem.  I tested on
OS X and Win32 and all looks fine.  I pushed all of my fixes to my
branch.  They only related to extremely minor things.  But, they
should go in a 0.9.2 release in a bit....let's sit on it and how what
bubbles up in the next week or so.

But, before I quit I am going to:

* Make a ipython-0.9 branch out of trunk.
* Test to make sure that easy_install IPython "just works" through PyPI.
* Post an email about the ipython-0.9 branch to the list.

> I'm going to have to call it a day for now.  Let's let the little
> fixes work their way in for a  few days and I'm sure we'll want to
> have a 0.9.2 out after all the OSC tests this week.  With a release
> that merged this much code, it's to be expected that we'll need to add
>  a bit of polish for a while.  At least we now have the 2.4 problem
> that was pure brown-paper-bag material out of the way :)

Yep, Gael and I chatted about this earlier.  All things considered, I
think we have done pretty well.  This is a huge release for us!

> Sorry for the slight haste, but I honestly understood the above as a
> green light, and I've been working on this release stuff for most of
> this weekend, so I think I'm a bit tired...

No problem.



> Cheers,
> f

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