[IPython-dev] Update: ipython-0.9.1 is out, ipython-0.9 branch created

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Mon Sep 15 00:12:15 CDT 2008


So, after a day of fixing bug related to Python 2.4, we have released
IPython 0.9.1.  Thanks to everyone who helped on this last minute

Here is our short term development plan:

* I have created a ipython-0.9 branch that will be used for *bug
fixes* in the 0.9.x series only.  These bug fixes need to be small,
self-contained and fully reviewed and tested.

* We are going to let the dust settle for about a week with the 0.9.1
release and then push out 0.9.2 with any fixes that are in the
ipython-0.9 branch.  That will hopefully be the last release in the
0.9.2 series as we quickly want to move onto focusing on the 0.10

* So, if you have a change that should go into the ipython-0.9 branch,
make sure you mark it as such when you are requesting code review.

* Trunk is now open for 0.10 development.  The timeline and feature
set for 0.10 is a whole different story that will probably require
some discussion.

Thanks everyone, this is a huge release for us!



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