[IPython-dev] Notes on SciPy discussion about Notifications in IPython

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Tue Sep 16 18:19:07 CDT 2008


A while back Barry Wark developed a nice prototype of a notification
center for IPython.  There was lots of discussions about that versus
other models and then things died off with the 0.9 release.

Gael, Fernando and I picked up this topic in person at SciPy and I
wanted to summarize our conclusions for the list (especially Barry).

We feel all feel that there are two types of "notification" models
that we want to support:

* Something like Barry's notification center, where observers register
that they want to recieve certain types of notification events.

* Objects with interfaces based model.  In this model, the "observer"
provides an object that obeys a certain interface (like a dict, for
example) and then someone just uses that object.  The notifiations
happen because the observer has put its own custom hooks in the object
that handle the notifications.

An example will hopefully clarify this.  The user namespace is a
perfect example of this second type of pattern.  Let's say someone
wants to receive notifications of when a new variable appears in the
namespace.  If that someone give the interpreter a dict-like object to
use as the namespace, that object can have custom logic that notifies
the someone when the events occur.

Our conclusion (I guess it is not that profound) is that we want to
support *both* of these models as much as possible.  Thus any time
notifications are wanted, we should work *very hard* to try to
implement both ways.  Some further points:

* In some cases one type of notification will be implemented on top of
the other.
* The object based model tends to be useful for highly coupled
situations, where the notifications are very static (always
* The notification center works in a very transient context, when
notifications are very dynamic (observers come and go).
* The notification center approach is very much needed to allow
notifications to be propagated over network connections.
* The object based model is very nice for developing frontends based
on technologies like enthought.traits, which already have
notifications buildin.
* Handling notifications both ways will force us to get the abstractions right.
* The notification center type design should be preferred over designs
that rely on heavy subclassing to implement notifications (this type
of design is common in GUI programming, but we need to be really
careful to avoid this when possible as it leads to coupling that is
too strong for us).

Gael and Fernando, does this accurately reflect our conclusions?  Comments.

I think the only conclusion is that there are places in the current
frontend, where a more formal notification setup could be used =



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