[IPython-dev] Unit testing

Ville M. Vainio vivainio@gmail....
Wed Sep 17 13:52:00 CDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 9:21 PM, Brian Granger <ellisonbg.net@gmail.com> wrote:

> If you then go put your unittests or nose tests in test_foo.py or
> test_bar.py nose should pick them up automatically.

Actually, it seems ipython/IPython/tests is the best place.

Something that's cool: a test like this will work:

def test_rehashx():
    assert len(_ip.IP.alias_table) > 10

That is, I don't need to set up _ip myself because the stuff gets
evaluated in an existing ipython session.

Is there a way I can make nose skip all the tests I don't care about
(i.e. the ones I'm NOT developing at the moment)? Waiting for 9 secs
every time I try it feels unnecessary. I could create a proper
setup/teardown fixture, but my guess is that it isn't really needed...

Ville M. Vainio

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