[IPython-dev] Proposal to get unit test coverage as soon as possible

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Sep 17 18:54:28 CDT 2008


On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 3:37 PM, Brian Granger <ellisonbg.net@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I suppose we should try to cover as much of the classic ipython code
>> as possible. Even if we can't easily ensure that something behaves
>> correctly without lot of stubbing work (as opposed to something
>> obvious such as crashing), we should at least *excercise* as much of
>> the code as possible.
> Yes, definitely.  For example, I just added a get_ipython_dir function
> to genutils.py and the best way of testing it is too simply all it.
> Of course, with nose and all the new testing capabilities that
> Fernando has added, in many cases we can do more details testing.
> Fernando, do you have plans on writing up some Sphinx docs in the
> developer section about testing?  I know that your testing stuff does
> *way* more than we are taking advantage of.

Yes, I'm sorry that in the madness of 0.9 I just wrote all that code
and didn't explain well enough how to use it.  I'll definitely add to
the developer manual a section on testing so this is easier for
everyone to do.

> So, I vote for no exceptions to code review for tests

+1 to no exceptions, thanks for the well-reasoned discussion.

> PS - because I do want everyone to start writing lots of tests, I
> think it is important that all of us really make an effort to do code
> reviews for this stuff promptly.

Yup.  I'll try to catch up on reviews on Friday, I'm a little swamped right now.


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