[IPython-dev] Notes on SciPy discussion about Notifications in IPython

Steven H. Rogers steve@shrogers....
Thu Sep 18 20:52:09 CDT 2008

Barry Wark wrote:
> Steve,
> Thanks for the pointer. From first looks, Trellis appears very similar
> to Enthought's Traits package. Are you familiar with Traits? Is the
> comparison valid? Understanding how these two packages relate will
> help me place Trellis in the ecosystem.
> Thanks,
> Barry

I've played with Trellis a bit, but not Traits.  I believe that traits 
requires a Python extension in C where Trellis is pure Python.  Traits 
appears to be GUI centric while Trellis tries to be more general.  I 
need to implement a small project in both to get a better idea of their 
relative strengths.


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